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Sponsorship for 2019 is Available

Sponsorship Opportunities


Minnesota Mountain Bike Series Title Sponsor: Includes exclusive naming rights for the overall race series, banner placement at races, title position marketing and logo placement on the website, graphics on race trailer, and consistent title sponsorship promo by race announcers. 


Category Sponsor: Includes the exclusive naming rights for the category, logo placement on trailer, banner (start/finish tower), and results bulletin, website placement in the category, category promo by live announcers, and demo opportunities at events.  We will feature you in our weekly e-mails during the season (May-Sept), and twice a month during the off season. Our distribution list is roughly 2500 addresses and we have a 40% open rate.

  • Expert Series Category

  • Comp Series Category

  • Sport Series Category

  • Marathon Series Category

  • Citizen/Kids Comp Series Category


General Sponsor: Includes logo placement on trailer and banners (start/finish tower) and acknowledgement (gold, silver, bronze) by live announcers.  We will feature you in our weekly e-mails during the season (May-Sept), and twice a month during the off season. Our distribution list is roughly 2500 addresses and we have a 40% open rate.

  • Gold Sponsor,

  • Silver Sponsor, 

  • Bronze Sponsor, 

Contact  to find out how you can support the series!

2019 Minnesota Mountain Bike Racing Schedule

Date Race Day  
May 5 Sunday MNMBS #1 - St Croix Woolly, St Croix Falls, WI
June 2 Sunday MNMBS #2 - Detroit Mountain Shakedown, Detroit Lakes, MN
June 23 Sunday MNMBS #3 - Theodore Wirth Park, Golden Valley, MN
July 7 Sunday MNMBS #4 - Border Crossing, River Falls, WI
July 21 Sunday MNMBS #5 - Mt. Kato is BACK!
July 28 Sunday MNMBS #6  - Gamehaven Lakeside Grind, Rochester MN
Aug 4 Sunday MNMBS #7 - Powder Monkey, Duluth, MN
Aug 18 Sunday MNMBS #8 -  Cuyuna Crusher, Crosby-Ironton, MN
Sept 1-2 Saturday XC   MNMBS #9 - Laddies Loppet, Maplelag


2018 Series Champions

2018 Series Award Winners
Class Category Place Name
Kids Comp Boys 8 & under 1st Place Isaac Halverson
Kids Comp Boys 8 & under 2nd Place Lyndon Young
Kids Comp Boys 9-10 1st Place Henry Hathaway
Kids Comp Boys 9-10 2nd Place Nathaniel Halverson
Kids Comp Boys 11-12 1st Place Hayden Leiseth
Kids Comp Boys 11-12 2nd Place Tyler Fath
Kids Comp Boys 11-12 3rd Place Edison Binsfeld
Kids Comp Boys 13-14 1st Place Brady Murdoff
Kids Comp Boys 13-14 2nd Place Carson Stenger
Kids Comp Girls 8 & Under 1st Place Mia Lund
Kids Comp Girls 8 & Under 2nd Place Ella Lund
Kids Comp Girls 9-10 1st Place Kaylee Janaszak
Kids Comp Girls 11-12 1st Place Charlotte Emanoff
Kids Comp Girls 11-12 2nd Place Sandy Fish
Kids Comp Girls 11-12 3rd Place Emily Broden
Citizen Men 10-12 1st Place James Halverson
Citizen Men 10-12 2nd Place Corban Carlson
Citizen Men 13-14 1st Place Cristian Barton
Citizen Men 13-14 2nd Place Owen Harding
Citizen Men 13-14 3rd Place Travis Elling
Citizen Men 15-18 1st Place Karl Schultz
Citizen Men 15-18 2nd Place Zach Broden
Citizen Men 15-18 3rd Place Owen Hall
Citizen Men 19-29 1st Place Nathan Hill
Citizen Men 30-39 1st Place Peter Hansen
Citizen Men 30-39 2nd Place Joe Paczkowski
Citizen Men 30-39 3rd Place Tony Kramer
Citizen Men 40-49 1st Place Drew Rust
Citizen Men 40-49 2nd Place David Binsfeld
Citizen Men 40-49 3rd Place Mitch Mohs
Citizen Men 50-59 1st Place John Muszynski
Citizen Men 50-59 2nd Place Tom Keller
Citizen Men 50-59 3rd Place Bruce Mosher
Citizen Men 60 & over 1st Place Tim Gallagher
Citizen Clydesdale Open 1st Place Michael Elling
Citizen Women 10-14 1st Place Selah Scherman
Citizen Women 15-18 1st Place Elizabeth Yray
Citizen Women 15-18 2nd Place Ayden Ochs
Citizen Women 30 - 39 1st Place Amber Oryszczyn
Citizen Women 40-49 1st Place Heidi Olson
Citizen Women 40-49 2nd Place Elizabeth Dickmeyer
Citizen Women 40-49 3rd Place Janet Hennies
Class Category Place Name
Sport Men 14 & under 1st Place Sam Pikula
Sport Men 14 & under 2nd Place Jake Olson
Sport Men 14 & under 3rd Place Parker Linn
Sport Men 15-18 1st Place Barrett Hall
Sport Men 15-18 2nd Place Cole Johnson
Sport Men 15-18 3rd Place Andrew Shuros
Sport Men 19-29 1st Place Alex Stenerson
Sport Men 19-29 2nd Place Misha Meyer
Sport Men 30-39 1st Place Nicholas Klever
Sport Men 30-39 2nd Place Michael Halverson
Sport Men 30-39 3rd Place Mike Jarvis
Sport Men 40-49 1st Place Todd Bollom
Sport Men 40-49 2nd Place Adam Emanoff
Sport Men 40-49 3rd Place Bryan Schoenberger
Sport Men 50-59 1st Place Mike Grace
Sport Men 50-59 2nd Place Jeff Meyer
Sport Men 50-59 3rd Place Curt Schlough
Sport Men 60 & over 1st Place Todd Trembley
Sport Men 60 & over 2nd Place Steve Kapaun
Sport Men 60 & over 3rd Place Denny Barry
Sport Clydesdale Open 1st Place Michael Voss
Sport Clydesdale Open 2nd Place James Campbell
Sport Clydesdale Open 3rd Place Gary Smith
Sport Women 14 & Under 1st Place Lilly Green
Sport Women 14 & Under 2nd Place Gabbi Gujer
Sport Women 14 & Under 3rd Place Isabella Mazion
Sport Women 15 - 18 1st Place Isabella Dickmeyer
Sport Women 15 - 18 2nd Place Karlie Bizek
Sport Women 19-29 1st Place Erin Berglund
Sport Women 40-49 1st Place Mel'anie Lund
Sport Women 40-49 2nd Place Molly Moilanen
Sport Women 40-49 3rd Place Catherine McDonald
Sport Women 50 & Over 1st Place Kris Brazil
Sport Women 50 & Over 2nd Place Christine Sheflo
Class Category Place Name
Comp Men 15-18 1st Place Tom Beyer
Comp Men 15-18 2nd Place Colin Freed
Comp Men 15-18 3rd Place Chihiro Gustafson
Comp Men 30-39 1st Place Justin Bakken
Comp Men 30-39 2nd Place Nathan Kremer
Comp Men 30-39 3rd Place Justin Munson
Comp Men 40-49 1st Place Bill Walters
Comp Men 40-49 2nd Place Eric Bernhardt
Comp Men 40-49 3rd Place Joel Beach
Comp Men 50-59 1st Place Scott Lund
Comp Men 50-59 2nd Place Mike Ruehle
Comp Men 50-59 3rd Place Kevin Froemming
Comp Men 60 & over 1st Place Robert Ogren
Comp Men 60 & over 2nd Place Mark Klingelhoets
Comp Single Speed Open 1st Place Phil Carlson
Comp Fat Bike Open 1st Place Steve Sturman
Comp Fat Bike Open 2nd Place Erik Paulson
Class Category Place Name
Marathon Women 1st Place Holly Windschitl
Marathon Women 2nd Place Constance Sjoquist
Marathon Women 3rd Place Cass Studer
Marathon Men 1st Place Bruce Martens
Marathon Men 2nd Place Chris Stewart
Marathon Men 3rd Place David Jensen
Marathon Men 4th Place Nikolai Anikin
Marathon Men 5th Place Nate Hackensack
Class Category Place Name
Elite Men Overall 1st Place Jeff Hall
Elite Men Overall 2nd Place Samuel Berkland
Elite Men Overall 3rd Place Brendan Bellew
Elite Men Overall 4th Place Calvin Sandberg
Elite Men Overall 5th Place Adam Altmann
Elite Men 19-29 1st Place Kevin Thum
Elite Men 30-39 1st Place Jesse Sich
Elite Men 30-39 2nd Place Alexander Busack
Elite Men 40 & over 1st Place John Sandberg
Elite Men 40 & over 2nd Place Ben Olson
Elite Men 40 & over 3rd Place Jay Henderson
Elite Women Overall 1st Place Tiffany Edholm
Elite Women Overall 2nd Place Danielle Larson
Elite Women Overall 3rd Place Ashley Busack
Elite Women Overall 4th Place Kristy Kreme Henderson
Elite Women Overall 5th Place Gabrielle Mazion
Elite Women 18 & Under 1st Place Kaitlyn Kopp
Elite Women 40 & Over 1st Place Mindee LaVelle

How to PASS

POLITE - both passing rider and to-be-passed rider should be respectful and courteous

ANNOUNCE - passing rider make your presence known (for ex, "RIDER BACK")

SET IT UP - passing rider communicate with to-be-passed rider to determine:

when to pass (for ex, "WHEN IT'S SAFE", "WHEN CLEAR", "AFTER THIS CORNER", "GO NOW") and


SAFELY - execute the pass in a safe manner



Registration Information


IF you are pre-Registered online:

  1. Go to the Pre-Registered line with the corresponding letter of your last name : A-M for example
  2. The AWESOME Volunteer will find your name on the list and you will sign in. This is also confirming that you agree to the race day waiver. (these are available at the race for your reading pleasure) 
  3. You will get your number plate from the volunteer.
  4. Go directly to the back tag station and another AWESOME volunteer will give you a back tag, and fill in your number and race class. If you are Single Speed, Fat Bike, or Clydesdale, make sure to tell the volunteer to put it on your back tag.

That's it! You now have your permanent number plate and are ready to RACE!


All Inclusive Series!

News : The Series Is All Inclusive!

A big change for the 2018 MNMBS is that all racers will be part of the overall points tracking/standings for the entire season. In years past, racers had the option of paying to be part of the “Series,” or just racing in individual races (no tracking of points / overall standings/overall awards). For 2018, the MNMBS has become more inclusive; all racers at all events are part of the Series. 

What does this mean?

  • No more separate Series Registration!
  • No more Series riders / non-Series riders…everybody's a Series rider!
  • Every racer, regardless of the number of races they complete, will accumulate points!
  • Each racer will receive a permanent race plate to use all season!
  • All racers will be eligible for call-ups!
  • SuperPass registration will still get you 10 races for the price of 9 and save you money on race fees and transaction fees over individual and race day registrations! CLICK HERE! 

This change will make the races, points, awards, etc more inclusive. We want everyone to feel that they belong to our GREAT mountain bike family. To facilitate this change we have increased our race fees by $2 per registration. 


Race Registration for 2019

Online Registration—Most convenient and a good deal

Register online for individual races until 8PM CST the Thursday prior to the race. To register, click on the Register tab. 

To ensure you are signed up for the race series and have your number plate for the season sign up for the Woolly today!

Race Day Registration—Most expensive option

Register the day of the race. Please arrive at least one hour before your event. Race registration closes a half hour prior to each race.

SuperPass Registration—Best deal (Pay for 8 and race 9)

Register once for all 9 events. You pay for 8 races and get 1 race free! (plus save approximately one half of the transaction fees.)  You must register for the SuperPass online!  No SuperPass registration is available after May 3rd.

Team Series Registration

Register Your Team HERE!

Get your team signed up now.  What a great way to get together with friends and family! Get on a TEAM!  This season you can race 1 or 3 or even all 10 races for your team and they will get the points.  Nothing extra to pay to have a great time.

So gather up your friends or Fiends as it were and get your team signed up to race the series. It's free to create a team, just make sure your team members put down your team name when registering online or on race day.  

We love to see the teams, cool jersies, tents with food, drinks, family, kids, grandma and grandpas watching.  That's what makes our races so much fun!

Sign your team up today! Click Here to go to the signup form.

When creating you sweet team jerseys feel free to include the Series logo on them.  Click the link below to download the logo file.


Text Message Race Notifications

Last season we used SMS/Text messages to communicate with racers when there were major changes or delays at our races.  For 2019 we will again use this system and you will need to sign up again for notifications.  Please follow the link below to sign up.

We will only use this system to tell you if the race has had a change in the following:

  • Cancelation - the race will NOT be held.
  • Change in Race Times - the race will move the race start times, but the race will go on that day.

For all other normal notifications you will want to check our Facebook or Twitter feed.  We also send emails with the latest news and you can signup on the home page of our web site.  If you choose to sign up for this we hope you will never get a text this year, because all of the races are going as planned. 


MNMBS Update on Severe Weather on Race Day

When weather does not cooperate the MN Series has procedures in place.  Here’s information about how we’ll proceed:

1.     MNMBS policies regarding severe weather can be found under the Home tab on our web page : Click Here 

2.     Any updates regarding weather or the racing schedule will be posted on social media, Text Msg and at the Registration Tent.  Sign up for Text Msg notification - Click Here

3.     Specific instructions about altered race courses or lap counts will be announced before each wave is started

4.     All racing will stop immediately in the presence of lightning as signified by the chief referee. Racers on the race course should proceed carefully to the Start/Finish for further instructions


MnMtbSeries Minnesota Mtb Series MnMtbSeries

New to racing?

Tips for Race Day

Mountain bike racing is not just for the highly trained. It is an exhilarating physical activity that can add to your health and quality of life. Racing is as much about fun, shared experiences and making new friends as it is about competition. The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series is open to all and welcomes new female and male participants of all ages and athletic abilities.



The Series has various classes to accommodate racers of all abilities and ages. A beginner may want to participate in the "Citizen Class" or "Kids Comp Class" if they have any questions regarding their fitness or skill levels.

Riding with more experienced cyclists can help develop your technical skills.  Riding a variety of terrain/courses can assist with technical abilities.  Avoid spending all of your time on trails with features that are above your riding abilities.

Be sure to warm up well before your event. A good warm up ride will greatly improve your race and you will feel better and be faster on the trail.

All racers can benefit from pre-riding the race course. Pre-riding the course consists of riding the designated race course prior to the day of the event. if it is not an open trail, pre riding information can be found on the events page. Pre-riding the course gives you the opportunity to learn the terrain and boost your confidence for your first race.



At least a day in advance, check over your bike to make sure everything is in good working order: check your wheels, drive train (chain, crank set, cogs, shifters, derailleurs) and brakes.

Refrain from making any significant changes affecting the fit of the bike within a week of the race, such as changing your seat or handle bar positioning or replacing or upgrading components.

If you have questions about the proper bike for a course we recommend contacting one of the local retailers who support our Series.



Get plenty of rest, nutrition, and hydration the night before your race.

Eat a good breakfast 3-4 hours before your start time 

About an hour before your race, have a light snack (power bar, fig cookies, etc.), to give your body a little energy boost.

Drink plenty of water leading up to your race but you should stop 30 minutes before the race. This will give you time to use the bathroom just prior to the race start.

For a race under 60 minutes, you may not need food. However, some people use GU energy gels to keep up there energy up during a race.

During longer races, it is recommended to ingest the gels every 20 minutes with fluid to maintain hydration and a steady energy flow.

Continue drinking during your race to remain hydrated. 



We recommend registering in advance online whenever possible.  This will save you money and speed up your registration experience at the race.  Arrive at the race an hour or two prior to your start so you can get registered, change clothes, and get in a good warm up ride.

When you register, the race registrar will direct you to fill out forms and pay your entry fee. If you have registered online, you should still visit the registration table to sign a release form and pick up your race number.

After registration, change into your race clothing and prep your bike. Final bike prep includes putting your race number on your handlebar, checking tires and suspension for proper air pressure, checking for clean shifting, and checking your brakes.

If you have any questions please ask for the race official.


The Race:

It may be beneficial to carry a multitool with you during the race.

You should arrive at the starting area 15 minutes prior to the start. Usually there is a scheduled racers meeting just prior to the start, so listen for instructions given at the registrars table.

Mountain bike races start fast, so be ready to work hard after the countdown. Usually the hard initial pace slows a bit and the riders find their comfort zone.

Beginner races are usually short enough that you can maintain hard work for the duration depending on your fitness.

Most importantly, have fun. Mountain bike racing is a great way to spend a day and the people you meet along the way make it even more rewarding!