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Race With Us!

Welcome to the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series! With roots going all the way back to 1990, the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series features some of the best singletrack -- and racing -- that the Midwest has to offer. We strive to make all of our events fun and competitive for every kind of racer from weekend warriors to elite athletes. Join us just for the day, or bring the family along and make a weekend out of our destination races. We look forward to seeing you at the start line!

2020 Preliminary Schedule - 10 Races

May 3 - St Croix Falls Woolly, WI

May 31 - Mt Kato, Mankato, MN

June 7 - Detroit Mountain Shakedown, Detroit Lakes, MN

June 14 - Border Crossing, River Falls, WI

June 28 - Lester Park! Duluth, MN

July 12 - Tioga, Grand Rapids, MN

July 26 - Gamehaven Lakeside Grind, Rochester, MN

August 9 - Powder Monkey, Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN

August 23 - Cuyuna Crusher, Crosby-Ironton, MN

Sept 5/6 - Laddies Loppet, Maplelag Resort, MN

Otso Bike Raffle! WINNER!

Congratulations Jeff! The winner of the OTSO bike giveaway. Special thanks to Otso Cycles

Take a look at the newest Otso creations now with COLORS at

Hope everyone had an awesome season and we look forward to another year of family fun on the trails of Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Otso cycles winner winner

2019 Series Champions!

Category Place Racer
  Kids Comp  
Kids Comp,Boys 8 & under 1st Place Caleb Tschakert
Kids Comp,Boys 8 & under 2nd Place Henry Weis
Kids Comp,Boys 8 & under 3rd Place Ethan Kremer
Kids Comp,Boys 9-10 1st Place Edward Full
Kids Comp,Boys 9-10 2nd Place Max Weier
Kids Comp,Boys 9-10 3rd Place Lyndon Young
Kids Comp,Boys 11-12 1st Place Eddie Binsfeld
Kids Comp,Boys 11-12 2nd Place Nathaniel Halverson
Kids Comp,Boys 11-12 3rd Place Hayden Juntunen
Kids Comp,Girls 8 & under 1st Place Ella Lund
Kids Comp,Girls 8 & under 2nd Place Juniper Szczodroski
Kids Comp,Girls 9-10 1st Place Luka Marble
Kids Comp,Girls 9-10 2nd Place Mia Lund
Kids Comp,Girls 11-12 1st Place Ruby Marble
Kids Comp,Girls 11-12 2nd Place Ashlynn Omdahl
Kids Comp,Girls 13 - 14 1st Place Kaia Omdahl
Citizen,Men 12 & Under 1st Place Henry Hathaway
Citizen,Men 12 & Under 2nd Place Atticus Harding
Citizen,Men 13-14 1st Place James Halverson
Citizen,Men 13-14 2nd Place Tyler Fath
Citizen,Men 15-18 1st Place Dominic French
Citizen,Men 15-18 2nd Place Anthony Kuismi
Citizen,Men 15-18 3rd Place Evan Rust
Citizen,Men 30-39 1st Place Daniel Lee
Citizen,Men 30-39 2nd Place Michael Weis
Citizen,Men 30-39 3rd Place Dustin Lockwood
Citizen,Men 40-49 1st Place Drew Rust
Citizen,Men 40-49 2nd Place Jamie Omdahl
Citizen,Men 40-49 3rd Place Robert Rainer
Citizen,Men 50-59 1st Place Alan Moe
Citizen,Men 50-59 2nd Place Tony Hase
Citizen,Men 50-59 3rd Place Dan Stine
Citizen,Men 60 & over 1st Place Tim Gallagher
Citizen,Men 60 & over 2nd Place David Frame
Citizen,Women 14 & Under 1st Place Sandy Fish
Citizen,Women 14 & Under 2nd Place Charlotte Emanoff
Citizen,Women 14 & Under 3rd Place Emily Broden
Citizen,Women 15 - 18 1st Place Izzy Rasmusen
Citizen,Women 40 -49 1st Place Katrina Hase
Citizen,Women 40 -49 2nd Place Molly Frensko
Citizen,Women 40 -49 3rd Place Heidi Olson
Sport,Men 14 & under 1st Place Jake Olson
Sport,Men 14 & under 2nd Place Morgan Hendricks
Sport,Men 14 & under 3rd Place Owen Harding
Sport,Men 15-18 1st Place Wyatt Miller
Sport,Men 15-18 2nd Place Owen Van Heuveln
Sport,Men 15-18 3rd Place Marcus Cassell
Sport,Men 19-29 1st Place Dylan Ramstad Skoyles
Sport,Men 19-29 2nd Place Daniel Nelson
Sport,Men 19-29 3rd Place James Campbell
Sport,Men 30-39 1st Place Nicholas Klever
Sport,Men 30-39 2nd Place Dustin Juntunen
Sport,Men 30-39 3rd Place Kevin Full
Sport,Men 40-49 1st Place Franz Rinkleff
Sport,Men 40-49 2nd Place Adam Emanoff
Sport,Men 40-49 3rd Place Matt Petersen
Sport,Men 50-59 1st Place Steven Orwig
Sport,Men 50-59 2nd Place Bryan Schoenberger
Sport,Men 50-59 3rd Place Jim Cassell
Sport,Men 60 & over 1st Place Todd Trembley
Sport,Men 60 & over 2nd Place Denny Barry
Sport,Men 60 & over 3rd Place Steve Kapaun
Sport Clydesdale,Open 1st Place Gary Smith
Sport,Women 14 & under 1st Place Franziska Rinkleff
Sport,Women 15 - 18 1st Place Elizabeth Yray
Sport,Women 15 - 18 2nd Place Ayden Ochs
Sport,Women 15 - 18 3rd Place Hannah Eide
Sport,Women 40-49 1st Place Molly Moilanen
Sport,Women 40-49 2nd Place Mel'Anie Lund
Sport,Women 40-49 3rd Place Amy Ochs
Sport,Women 50 & Over 1st Place Debbie Willwerscheid
Comp,Men 15-18 1st Place Anthony Herlitz
Comp,Men 19-29 1st Place Chad Bannor
Comp,Men 19-29 2nd Place Robert Hest
Comp,Men 30-39 1st Place Nathan Kremer
Comp,Men 30-39 2nd Place Justin Bakken
Comp,Men 30-39 3rd Place Henry Braun
Comp,Men 40-49 1st Place Eric Bernhardt
Comp,Men 40-49 2nd Place Andrew Person
Comp,Men 40-49 3rd Place Andrew Leddick
Comp,Men 50-59 1st Place Mike Ruehle
Comp,Men 50-59 2nd Place Scott Lund
Comp,Men 50-59 3rd Place Randy Smothers
Comp,Men 60 & Over 1st Place Kevin Froemming
Comp,Men 60 & over 2nd Place Rob Ogren
Comp Single Speed,Men 1st Place Matt Leizinger
Comp Single Speed,Men 2nd Place John Muszynski
Comp Fat Bike,Open 1st Place John Cummings
Comp Fat Bike,Open 2nd Place Erik Paulson
Marathon,Women Overall 1st Place Isabella Mazion
Marathon,Men Overall 1st Place Bruce Martens
Marathon,Men Overall 2nd Place Jeremie Van Ryswyk
Marathon,Men Overall 3rd Place Matthew Abel
Marathon,Men Overall 4th Place Rich Omdahl
Marathon,Men Overall 5th Place Raymond Nickles
Elite,Men Overall 1st Place Sam Berkland
Elite,Men Overall 2nd Place Casey Griesemer
Elite,Men Overall 3rd Place Calvin Sandberg
Elite,Men Overall 4th Place Colin Freed
Elite,Men Overall 5th Place Brendan Bellew
Elite,Men 30-39 1st Place Christoph Bruhn
Elite,Men 40 & over 1st Place Ben Olson
Elite,Men 40 & over 2nd Place Jay Henderson
Elite,Men 40 & over 3rd Place Joe Surla
Elite,Women Overall 1st Place Gabrielle Mazion
Elite,Women Overall 2nd Place Kristy Kreme Henderson
Elite,Women Overall 3rd Place Rachel Olzer
Elite,Women Overall 4th Place Danielle Larson
Elite,Women Overall 5th Place Kaitlyn Kopp

Race Registration for 2019 is OPEN!

Single Event Online Pre-Registration

Register online for individual races until 8PM CST the Thursday prior to the race. Less expensive than on race day! To register, click on the Register tab. 

To ensure you are signed up for the race series and have your number plate for the season sign up for the Woolly today!

SuperPass Online Registration—Best deal (Pay for 8 and race 9)

Register once for all 9 events. You pay for 8 races and get 1 race free! (plus save approximately one half of the transaction fees.)  You must register for the SuperPass online!  No SuperPass registration is available after May 3rd.

In-Person Race Day Registration

Register the day of the race - always an option. There may be registration lines - Plan your arrival appropriately! Registration for your class closes when your race starts.

Team Series Registration

Get your team signed up now. Forming a team is a great way to get together with friends and family! This season you can race anywhere from 1 to all 10 races for your team and they'll still get points. 

It's free to create a team, just make sure your team members put down your team name when registering online or on race day.  

We love to see the teams, cool jersies, tents with food, drinks, family, kids, grandma and grandpas watching.  That's what makes our races so much fun!

Sign your team up today! Click Here to go to the signup form.

If you'd like to wear your love for the series, feel free to include our logo on your jersey. Click the link below to download the logo file.


MnMtbSeries Minnesota Mtb Series MnMtbSeries

Text Message Race Notifications

Last season we used SMS/Text messages to communicate with racers when there were major changes or delays at our races.  For 2019 we will again use this system and you will need to sign up again for notifications.  Please follow the link below to sign up.

We will only use this system to tell you if the race has had a change in the following:

  • Cancelation - the race will NOT be held.
  • Change in Race Times - the race will move the race start times, but the race will go on that day.

For all other normal notifications you will want to check our Facebook or Twitter feed.  We also send emails with the latest news and you can signup on the home page of our web site.  If you choose to sign up for this we hope you will never get a text this year, because all of the races are going as planned.