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MNMBS Awards Jordan Horner $500 Crank Sisters Scholarship

Jordan Horner at Laddies Loppet

The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series, recognizing the accomplishments of MNMBS and Minnesota High School Cycling League racer Jordan Horner, is awarding Jordan a $500 scholarship to help defray the expenses to attend the NICA Awards Banquet at Cliff Bar Headquarters in Berkeley, CA, Jan. 24th.

“We are pleased to support Jordan,” said MNMBS Director Gary Sjoquist.  “The race fees paid by MNMBS racers helped launch the high school league, so it’s fitting the MNMBS recognizes Jordan as a Class Champion in the MNMBS and a three time class champion in the Varsity Girls class of the high school league.”

Jordan, a senior at Burnsville High School, will receive the NICA All Star Athlete award at the NICA Awards Banquet.  Each year, NICA recognizes the accomplishments of racers, volunteers, and coaches at the annual banquet.

“Thank you so very much for your support and making this opportunity possible for Jordan”, said Jordan’s father Matt. “We are humbled by the support from the local mountain bike community!  This is a wonderful opportunity for Jordan to represent the Minnesota High School Mountain Bike League, MNMBS, and the strength of the athletes in the mid-west.  She will represent not only the tremendous growth of youth in the sport, but also the presence of strong athletic women in mountain biking.”

Also attending the NICA Awards Banquet will be QBP Vice President and NICA Board President Jerry Pomije,, who’s son Nick races on the Prior Lake team.   QBP owner and founder Steve Flagg, one of the Minnesota High School Cycling League’s staunchest supporters, will receive the Legacy Award at the NICA Awards Banquet.

For more information on the Minnesota High School Cycling League and The Crank Sister program Click Here!

2014 Minnesota Mountain Bike Series Campions Gear Junkie-WEDALI

2014 Team Champions Gear Junkie WEDALI

Thank You Racers!

What a great year of racing!  Now that the awards banquet is done and the snow is flying the Series team will take a few weeks off and then start working on next year's series plans.  The good news is that we have some new venues in store for next year!  More Saturday racing is planned.  The Marathon class will be expanded and more!

Here is the proposed schedule for 2015 - Sign up for our email list to get an email when registration opens.

2015 Proposed Race Schedule

  • May 3    Buck Hill Birch Bump, Burnsville, MN
  • May 17    St Croix Woolly, St Croix Falls, WI
  • May 31    Bluff Riders Charge, Mankato, MN
  • June 7    DirtWirx Bike Week, Hillside Park, Elk River, MN
  • June 28    Cuyuna Lakes, Ironton, MN
  • July 12    Mission Creek, Duluth, MN
  • July 26    Border Crossing, River Falls, WI
  • Aug 9    Afton Avalanche, Hastings, MN
  • Aug 16    Great Hawk Chase, Duluth, MN
  • Aug 30    Red Wing Classic, Red Wing, MN
  • Sept 12    Single Track Escape, St Cloud, MN
  • Sept 26    Awards Party

The Series Report - 2014

  • Total Racers - 3533
  • Largest Race - St Croix Woolly
  • 2014 Donations 
    • ​$3000 MN High School Cycling League
    • $500 Red Wing Area Mountain Bike Association
    • $500 St Croix Falls area Kids Mountain Biking Program.

​2015 Volunteer Opportunities 

The Series is currently looking to fill the Race Day Setup Position.  This position is reimbursed and requires hauling the Series Trailer to and from each event and staying onsite all day.  For more information, please contact Series director Gary Sjoquist via the Contact page.

New to racing?

Tips for Race Day

Mountain bike racing is not just for the highly trained. It is an exhilarating physical activity that can add to your health and quality of life. Racing is as much about fun, shared experiences and making new friends as it is about competition. The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series is open to all and welcomes new female and male participants of all ages and athletic abilities.



The Series has various classes to accommodate racers of all abilities and ages. A beginner may want to participate in the "Citizen Class" or "Kids Comp Class" if they have any questions regarding their fitness or skill levels.

Riding with more experienced cyclists can help develop your technical skills.  Riding a variety of terrain/courses can assist with technical abilities.  Avoid spending all of your time on trails with features that are above your riding abilities.

Be sure to warm up well before your event. A good warm up ride will greatly improve your race and you will feel better and be faster on the trail.

All racers can benefit from pre-riding the race course. Pre-riding the course consists of riding the designated race course prior to the day of the event. if it is not an open trail, pre riding information can be found on the events page. Pre-riding the course gives you the opportunity to learn the terrain and boost your confidence for your first race.



At least a day in advance, check over your bike to make sure everything is in good working order: check your wheels, drive train (chain, crank set, cogs, shifters, derailleurs) and brakes.

Refrain from making any significant changes affecting the fit of the bike within a week of the race, such as changing your seat or handle bar positioning or replacing or upgrading components.

If you have questions about the proper bike for a course we recommend contacting one of the local retailers who support our Series.



Get plenty of rest, nutrition, and hydration the night before your race.

Eat a good breakfast 3-4 hours before your start time 

About an hour before your race, have a light snack (power bar, fig cookies, etc.), to give your body a little energy boost.

Drink plenty of water leading up to your race but you should stop 30 minutes before the race. This will give you time to use the bathroom just prior to the race start.

For a race under 60 minutes, you may not need food. However, some people use GU energy gels to keep up there energy up during a race.

During longer races, it is recommended to ingest the gels every 20 minutes with fluid to maintain hydration and a steady energy flow.

Continue drinking during your race to remain hydrated. 



We recommend registering in advance online whenever possible.  This will save you money and speed up your registration experience at the race.  Arrive at the race an hour or two prior to your start so you can get registered, change clothes, and get in a good warm up ride.

When you register, the race registrar will direct you to fill out forms and pay your entry fee. If you have registered online, you should still visit the registration table to sign a release form and pick up your race number.

After registration, change into your race clothing and prep your bike. Final bike prep includes putting your race number on your handlebar, checking tires and suspension for proper air pressure, checking for clean shifting, and checking your brakes.

If you have any questions please ask for the race official.


The Race:

It may be beneficial to carry a multitool with you during the race.

You should arrive at the starting area 15 minutes prior to the start. Usually there is a scheduled racers meeting just prior to the start, so listen for instructions given at the registrars table.

Mountain bike races start fast, so be ready to work hard after the countdown. Usually the hard initial pace slows a bit and the riders find their comfort zone.

Beginner races are usually short enough that you can maintain hard work for the duration depending on your fitness.

Most importantly, have fun. Mountain bike racing is a great way to spend a day and the people you meet along the way make it even more rewarding.


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