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Race Rules, Results, Awards

Race Rules

General Rules
  • You must wear your helmet at all times when you are riding your bike at a series event. Your number plate must also be attached to the front of your bike. Penalties for selling, trading, or giving your race number to another participant will result in disqualification of both parties from the race and potential disqualification from participation in the MNMBS series events.

  • The first number plate you receive is your permanent number plate.

  • Your bike must be in good working condition and be free from hazardous attachments (such as kickstands, plugged handle bar ends, and so on).

  • You cannot use personal listening devices during the race.

  • In the case of extreme conditions due to weather or other circumstances that prevent the ongoing scoring of the event or create a racing environment that is deemed dangerous for participants, the race may be called off as of a certain time. We will calculate the final results in one of two ways (as determined by the race official and race director): 1) The race is considered over at the point it was called off, and the results will be as of the last completed lap. -OR- 2) The riders can finish their current lap after the race is called off, and the results will be as of that lap. In the case that the race is stopped and restarted, we will use the combined results of both parts of the race.

  • All pets must be kept on a leash and under supervision at all times. Pets must also be kept a safe distance from the race course. Some races do not allow pets. Please check the individual race pages for pet restrictions.

  • You cannot sell merchandise or display products for promotional purposes unless you have permission from the MNMBS and the race director.

Passing Etiquette
  • A participant on his or her bicycle has the right-of-way over a participant pushing his or her bicycle during a race. Lapped participants and those being overtaken by approaching riders shall yield the trail (fastest part of the trail) when asked by another rider.
  • It is the responsibility of the approaching racer to make their presence known, to announce their intention to pass by saying “Rider up” or “On your left (or right),” and to pass safely.
  • In the event two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not have to yield to the challenging rider. However, the rider must hold the line and may not interfere with another rider's progress. You both will go faster if you work together and give each other room!
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior, foul riding, use of profanity, or flagrant discourtesy directed at participants, spectators, or officials will result in disqualification.
  • Mountain biking is an individual sport, and even though the MNMBS does have team competition, entering into agreement or forming alliances to control or alter the outcome of an event will result in disqualification from that individual event.
  • You must ride the entire course. Short cuts will result in disqualification.
Race Support
  • Feeding and/or "hand-ups" to a racer from a support person may occur on any part of the course, but must be clear of the start/finish lines with the following stipulations: 1) running with a racer is prohibited, and 2) feeding must not interfere with another competitor.
  • You must ride the same bike you start with throughout the race.
  • You must make any bike repairs during the race by yourself. You cannot accept help or tools from other racers, and you cannot accept parts from anyone else’s bike.
Timing and Scoring
  • All protests must be reported to a race official immediately following the race up to 15 minutes after the complete results are posted for the protest to be considered valid. All results become final as of the presentation of awards. However, we reserve the right to make later adjustments to the results and  standings due to registration or timing issues that we cannot resolve prior to the awards.
  • If you DNF, you must report it to the race timer so that you can be given credit in the standings for the race. If you DNF, do not cross the finish line.
  • Moving up into more advanced classes is done on the honor system. If you are significantly outpacing the competition in your class, you are encouraged to move up. We encourage racers to have fun while competing against racers at a similar competitive level. When necessary, the executive committee will review protests and strongly encourage changes where needed.
Statement of Inclusivity

As a series, we invite all athletes to try out mountain bike racing and strive to make each race a fun, safe, inclusive, and competitive experience for everyone. We welcome transgender racers and encourage them to register for whichever field best suits their skill and comfort level. 

Harassment, bullying, or discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, or age will not be tolerated. Any race attendee who is in violation of the above statement may be asked to leave the event.

Race Results

Race Day Results

Race results will be posted following the finish of the respective class. You have 15 minutes after the complete results are posted to report any issues to a race official. Once medals have been awarded, results are final and cannot be changed. However, we do reserve the right to make later adjustments in the results and standings due to registration/timing issues that cannot be resolved prior to awards.

Online Results

Race results are typically posted online on the Series website by 8:00 PM on race day.

Race Age Groups

Age groups may be combined when there are too few racers registered.

Race Class Advancement

If you consistently place in the top 3 finishers and significantly outpace your competitors in the race results, you should advance to the next race class to race against racers at a similar level. 

Single Race Awards

Medals (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be awarded for all classes/subcategories as follows:

Kids Comp (Age Group)
Citizen (Age Group, Clydesdale)
Sport (Age Group, Clydesdale)
Comp (Age Group, Single Speed, Fat Bike)
Marathon (Overall)
Elite (Age Group, Overall)

Awards ceremonies will follow the finish of the respective class.

Single Race Payouts

Following 2021, to better support the local trail organizations, the Series will not be awarding cash payouts for the Elite Class. 

Year-End Series Awards

You must complete a minimum number of races to be eligible for an overall series award at the end of the year and to be recognized at the end of the season awards party.


Minimum Number of Races


Kids Competitive


1st, 2nd, 3rd per age group



1st, 2nd, 3rd per age group

Sport, Comp, and Elite


1st, 2nd, 3rd per age group

Elite Overall


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th overall



1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th overall


Series Points

  • Participation in at least 5 events, in the same class, qualifies you for end of season awards for that class.
  • Your top 6 race results count towards your series standing points total (see the Point Distribution at the bottom of the page). If you participate in more than 6 races, you are awarded 5 bonus points for each additional race in the same class.
  • If there is a tie, head-to-head results will be used to determine placing.
  • There will be no separate series registration. You will be scored in your highest class for series awards.
  • If you move up a class, your previous series results and points do not transfer to the new class. However, if you have acquired enough races and points to place in the top 3 in that category you're moving from, you will still be eligible for the award at the end of the season.
1st place = 150 points 13th place = 92 points 25th place = 54 points 37th place = 22 points
2nd place = 142 points 14th place = 88 points 26th place = 51 points 38th place = 20 points
3rd place = 135 points 15th place = 84 points 27th place = 48 points 39th place = 18 points
4th place = 129 points 16th place = 81 points 28th place = 45 points 40th place = 16 points
5th place = 124 points 17th place = 78 points 29th place = 42 points 41st place = 14 points
6th place = 120 points 18th place = 75 points 30th place = 39 points 42nd place = 12 points
7th place = 116 points 19th place = 72 points 31st place = 36 points 43rd place = 10 points
8th place = 112 points 20th place = 69 points 32nd place = 33 points 44th place = 8 points
9th place = 108 points 21st place = 66 points 33rd place = 30 points 45th place = 6 points
10th place = 104 points 22nd place = 63 points 34th place = 28 points 46th place and above = 4 points
11th place = 100 points 23rd place = 60 points 35th place = 26 points DNF = 2 points
12th place = 96 points 24th place = 57 points 36th place = 24 points