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Team Racing Information

The top teams for each class (Kids Comp, Citizen, Sport, Comp, Elite) and overall (Omnium) will be recognized at the awards party at the end of the year.

Team Registration

  • Sign your team up today! Click Here to go to the signup form.
  • Contact Adam Emanoff at to register your team
  • Each team will designate a “Team Contact” who will provide a list of all team members. The team roster should include the first and last name of each team member and the racing category. 
  • Team contacts must register your team by May 3rd.

Team Entry Fees

The Team Competition is FREE!  

Team Classes

Class Description
Kids Comp Boys and girls all ages
Citizen Men and women all ages
Sport Men and women all ages
Marathon NO MARATHON CLASS for 2021
Comp Men all ages
Elite Men and women all ages

Team Rules

  • A racer may only be registered with one team at each race.
  • Team racers must identify their team on their individual race registration. If there’s a difference between the race registration and the team list, the team list will take precedent.
  • Teams must report any team changes to Adam Emanoff at at least 3 days prior to the next race.

Team Scoring

  • The top 3 race results from each team count toward the team’s race score.
  • The race results are separated by gender, so a team could have a 1st place male and a 1st place female and they would each earn the same number of points for the team.
  • The team race scores are calculated using a racer’s overall individual standings. For example, if the top 3 race results for a team are 1st place, 3rd place, and 6th place, the team score is 10 (1+3+6). The team with the lowest race score gets 1st place.
  • A team’s top 7 events count towards the team’s series score. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker is the 8th best team result.
  • The point distribution for team’s series score is the same as the point distribution for individual series racers. For example, 1st place = 150 points, 2nd place = 142 points, 3rd place = 135 points, and so on.

Team Results

Team results will be available online by the middle of the week following each race. Prior to publishing the team results, Adam will provide a preview for the team contacts to verify.

Note: If there’s a problem with a team score, you must report it to Adam Emanoff at before the next series race. All previous team scores become final on race days.

Team Awards

  • Team awards are given to the top 3 teams in each class (Kids Comp, Citizen, Sport, Comp, Elite). If only 3 teams participate in a class, the top 2 teams receive an award. If only 2 teams participate, the top team receives an award.
  • An overall team award (Omnium) is given to the team with the highest score across all classes.