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2019 Standings

2019 Standings Updated Through Race #3 - Mount Wirth Loppet!

All classes - riders must have competed in at least 5 races to qualify for series awards. However! You will be awarded FULL POINTS for your best 6 races! With each additional race start worth 5 bonus points as usual.

We encourage riders to move up! If you move up, you DO NOT lose the place and points in the class you're moving from. For example, if you have done 6 or more races and are safely in the top 3 in your age group for Sport, you can move up to Comp, and you still will be eligible to receive the award for what you achieved in Sport. Please email Dave Slovick if you have any questions on that.

Please review full scoring guidelines on the Series Guidelines page for explanations.

Team Standings

Team Registration

  • Contact Adam Emanoff at to register your team
  • Each team will designate a “Team Contact” who will provide a list of all team members. The team roster should include the first and last name of each team member and the racing category. You can also click here to use a Google document to submit your team.
  • Team contacts must register your team by May 3rd.

* Only Elite Gender Overall awards will be recognized at the end of the season, all other race class awards will be recognized at the Age Group level.

Dave Slovick