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SuperPass Registration

SuperPass - Register by May 3rd

For 2018 you have the option to purchase a SuperPass. Registration fee will include registration for the 10 Series events.  You can do it with one easy payment and save approximately 1/2 of the transaction fee cost of registering for each race separately.. Superpass holder’s 10th race will be free!  On line registration will be available soon.  Signup for our email list to get a notification when registration starts!

SuperPass Fees
Elite $297.00
Marathon $264.00
Comp $261.00
Sport $261.00
Citizen $216.00
Kids Comp $117.00
18 & Under $162.00
minnesota mountain bike series super pass 2018 ride all of the mountain bike races

Ride the SuperPass!

SuperPass - Changing Classes

All class changes must be handled in writing by e-mailing - at least five days prior to the race you wish to change classes. Racers will keep their original class points intact and start with zero in the new class.
Racers deciding to upgrade will also pay the difference in the class fees for the remaining races.

Racers deciding to downgrade will not be refunded the difference in class fees.