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2018 Registration

For 2018 you will be able to register for MNMBS races right here:

  1. If you are new to the MNMBS web site and have not completed an online registration previously you'll need to create an account first.  An account allows you to create a profile on our website which speeds the registration process and keeps a record of your registrations. Create an account here. Please note that your personal information will be protected. Please click on the Contact button to read our policy statement.
  2. If you have created an account and would like to purchase a SuperPass please read the description below and click on 2018 SuperPass registration below. If you just want to register for a race or races click on the race listed below.
  3.  We have eliminated Series Registrations for 2018.  All registrations will be tracked in 2018.
  4. Online registrations are final and cannot be changed online. Once you have registered, if you wish to upgrade or downgrade to a class this will be allowed at the race day on-site registration. If moving up a category the cost difference will need to be paid at race day, if moving down a category there will be no refund for the cost difference.
  5. If you've created an account go ahead and click on a link below to continue on with the registration process.


Race Day Forms

Below are downloadable PDFs of the Race Day Registration form and the Waiver.  

  1. If you hold a SuperPass, you will still need to sign a waiver for each race and turn it in at the race.
  2. If you have have not signed up online, fill out both forms and bring them to the race.  This will speed up your registration process.

2018 Superpass Registration

Again for 2018 you have the option to purchase a SuperPass. Registration fee will include registration for the 10 Series events or 10 Marathon events. You can do it with one easy payment and save on transaction fees.  SuperPass holder’s 10th  race will be free On line registration will be available from February 25th up to May 6th.

SuperPass Fees    
Elite (Expert/Pro)  $297.00
Marathon                   $264.00 (10 races - 2 free)
Comp                            $261.00
Sport                             $261.00
Citizen                         $216.00
Kids Comp                 $117.00
18 & under                 $162.00

An option for racers considering purchasing a SuperPass.

If you are planning to purchase a SuperPass for either Sport, Comp, or Elite classes and would also like to also race some Marathon races, instead of your race class, you can purchase your SuperPass for the class you plan to race in. You will have to fill out a registration form for the Marathon class and get a Marathon bib #..

SuperPass - Changing Classes
All class changes must be handled in writing by e-mailing - at least five days prior to the race you wish to change classes. Racers who decide to change classes will pay a $10 administrative fee. Racers will keep their original class points intact and start with zero in the new class.
Racers deciding to upgrade will also pay the difference in the class fees for the remaining races. Racers moving from Comp to the Elite Group
Racers deciding to downgrade will not be refunded the difference in class fees.

Individual Race Registrations