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Series Champions

Kids Comp
  Boys 8 & under   Boys 9-10   Boys 11-12   Boys 13-14  
Ethan Swenka Jacob Olson Cooper Camp Tyler McDougall
Marcus Olson Owen Funke Max Janowiec Adam Colbert
Corban Carlson Jonas Roach Preston Kohl Vince Knutson
  Girls 9-10   Girls 11-12   Girls 13 - 14      
Isabella Mazion Isabella Dickmeyer Molly Hermann
Maysa Burnam Olivia Swenka
Halyn McDougall
  Men 10-12   Men 13-14   Men 15-18   Men 19 -29  
Andrew Shuros Henry Hall Gabriel Steinmetz Garrett Barna
Leo Bergner Brayden Kempel Jack Johnson
Stas Bednarski Willem Krattley Misha Meyer
  Men 30-39   Men 40-49   Men 50-59   Men 60 & over  
Geoff Egerman Jamie Wujcik Ron Kapaun Timothy Walsh
Troy McDougall David McKinley Tim Gallagher Gary Schildgen
Luke Fiore Fred Vagts Scott Guhl
Michael Voss
  Women 10-14   Women 19- 29   Women 30 - 39   Women 40 & over  
Gabrielle Mazion Nicole Harvey Kelley Marty Mel'anie Lund
Sudie Hall Heidi Olson Catherine McDonald
Zoe Camp Lisa Pugh
  Men 14 & under   Men 15-18   Men 19-29   Men 30-39  
Calvin Sandberg Tyler Haroldson Justin Munson Andrew Urban
Isaac Hale Jasper Kiefer Mark Sullivan Casey LaJoie
Charlie Jamieson Elliott Krizek Benjamin Ogren
  Men 40-49   Men 50-59   Men 60 & over   Clydesdale  
Allan Shuros David Wiblishauser Denny Barry Chad McDonald
Mike Rohweder Shannon Score Gary Sjoquist Todd Hale
Tony Lema Craig Brown Gary Smith
  Women 14 & under   Women 15 - 18   Women 30-39   Women 40-49  
Caroline Ellingson Lydia Reiner Jessica Grenwis Laura Bednarski
Women 19-29 Morgan Sylvester Marian O'Donnell
Samantha Olson Jessica Kohl
  Men 15-18   Men 19-29   Men 30-39   Men 40-49  
Wyatt Furois Max Ellingson Phil Carlson Ben Olson
Jason Colestock Eric Hathaway Brandt Elson
Campbell Karjala Joel Beach Scott Lund
  Men 50-59   Comp Single Speed   Comp Fat Bike      
Dave Christensen Rodney Moon Dan Funke
Tim Hieb Mac Hansen Jeremy Myrum
Mike Grace Matt Sylvester Charlie Hayes
      Women   Men      
Pam Nielsen Matthew Abel
Sandy Schreyer Kevin Froemming
Bev Carlson Jeff Colbert
Connie Sjoquist Jason Stukel
Valerie Dosland Thad Schulz
    Men Overall       Women Overall    
Josh Bauer Rebecca Sauber
Mason Bacso Robin Williams
Brendan Bellew Alicia Fisk
Kasey Bacso Josie Welsh
John Wessling Megan Barr
  Men 18 and Under   Men 19-29   Men 30-39   Men 40 & over  
Jack Ellingson David Clausen David Oachs John Sandberg
Samuel Elson Logan Grace Ryan Fitzgerald Kenneth Raiche
Zachary Smith Paul Hanson Clint Swenson
  Women 15 - 18   Women 19-35          
Camille Sjoquist Eleanor Bacso

Awards Party!

October 17th


Quality Bicycle Products

6400 W 105th Street, Bloomington, MN 55438

What a great season!  We hope that you can attend the end of the year party.  We will have food, beer, wine, and soft drinks, swag to give away, and awards for those hard working riders that rode fast all season long. As always family is welcome!  Cost? FREE when you RSVP!  Just click the Yes link and tell us how many will attend.

The awards will be given out to our top riders and teams. From Kids Comp to Expert every class had some heated races for points. Cheer for your teammates and the other riders that had success this season. 

Next year's Schedule will be announced at the party. 

*We would like to have everyone RSVP for the party no later than October 12th.  If you don't RSVP you can still join us however there will be a $10 cover at the door with all proceeds going to the Minnesota High School Racing League. 


What's New for 2015

Race Notifications via SMS / Text Message.

This year we will be using Gather, an event based text notification solution, to notify racers when a race has a major change.  We will only use this system to tell you if the race has had a change in the following:

  • Cancelation - the race will NOT be held.
  • Change in Race Times - the race will move the race start times, but the race will go on that day.

For all other normal notifications you will want to check our Facebook or Twitter feed.  We also send emails with the latest news and you can signup on the home page of our web site.  If you choose to sign up for this we hope you will never get a text this year, because all of the races are going as planned. 

To sign up for this for all of the races this year, click and sign up. 

MNMBS Title Sponsor 401 Manufacturing Returns for 2015

The MNMBS is happy to announce that 401 Manufacturing will return as the Title Sponsor for the 2015 MNMBS season.  In fact, look for the 401 Manufacturing display at Series races once the racing season gets underway.  The 401 Manufacturing logo will also be on Series number plates this year.

Signed as the Title Sponsor last year, 401 Manufacturing had an excellent year of growth in 2014.  The company moved to a new location in Anoka, doubling the square footage of the old location.  Now up to 20 employees, 401 Manufacturing also doubled in sales revenue this past year.  The quickly growing company is on pace to do more than $2.75 million in sales for 2015.   

"Series racers might be using parts right off our CNC machines, "said Mike.  "We serve the biking industry, including Wolf Tooth, with a variety of parts - sprockets, Gogs, bike tools, stem caps, etc.  In fact, we just starting making stem caps for NICA as part of an awareness campaign to build high school mountain biking."

Another aspect of 401 Manufacturing, and one of the reasons Mike wanted to sponsor the MNMBS, is their training capacity and need for entry-level employees.   401 offers class room and real world training for people looking to start a career in the machining industry, and can help place potential employees in jobs paying over $15 as a starting wage with less than a year's training.

"A career in the machining industry is a great way for young adults, both male and female, to make decent money in a stable, growing industry," said Mike.  "You can begin a career right away, without racking up a lot of debt for a college education that might not get used even if you do find a job."

Be sure to stop by the 401 Manufacturing display at MNMBS races and thank Mike and his company for stepping up to become the Series Title Sponsor.  You might also see him out on the course; he's also a competitor in the MNMBS, racing in the Comp class.


What's New for 2015

MNMBS 2015 Updates

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you on May 3rd at Buck Hill to get our MNMBS racing season underway.  We have several updates for you:

  1. Welcome Sam Oftedahl to the Executive Committee – Sam, who used to race in the MNMBS, is joining the MNMBS team to help with Race Support and Series Administration duties.  
  2. Online Registration – please register online by April 17.  Early registration really helps us get ready for the first race.  It also means you’ll get your number plate before the first race.
  3. SuperPass Info:
    • Remember that you can register for all Sunday Races (10 regular or 7 marathon) and get one race for free and your $15 series registration fee included. 
    • For Marathon only - you can use your Superpass from Kids Comp, Citizen, Sport, Comp, or Elite to race in a Marathon class when available. Please go to the registration tent to receive a permanent Marathon plate if you wish to do this.
  4. Marathon Class Updates:
    • New Length - now 4 hours instead of 3.5 hours
    • New Start Time – Marathon class will start at 10:50 for all 7 events. Marathon racers will need to start their last lap before four hours are up, so cut-off for last lap is 2:50 pm. 
    • Marathon Class results now count toward Team Racing totals
  5. Time Trial (TT) and Short Track (ST) Races Added on Selected Saturdays – at 4 events, on Saturdays, we’ll be offering a TT race at 11:00 am and a Short Track race at 2:00pm. One price for one or both races. Registration is available online for $15 and on race day for $20.  
  6. Hillside is Back – we’re racing at Hillside once again.  TT and ST will be on Saturday, XC on Sunday
  7. Cuyuna Lakes Crusher – New race June 27/28.  We’ll run a full program of TT and ST on Saturday, with an outdoor Awards/Cuyuna Lakes Crusher Happy Hour in Crosby Saturday night, and XC race including Marathon class on Sunday.  XC course will not be the same as prior races at Cuyuna as we’ll use all singletrack and interior service roads for passing zones.  All classes will climb the Overlook Road to top prior to diving into singletrack.
    • Citizen course – includes Sand Hog and Sidewinder
    • Sport course – includes Ferrous Wheel, Mucker Mountain, Sand Hog
    • Comp/Elite – includes Ferrous Wheel, Screamer, Endo Alley
  8. Afton Avalanche Cancelled – site not available for mountain biking in 2015
  9. Beginner’s Open wave added – we’ve added a new beginner’s wave to the Citizen’s class for any and all ages to give racing a try. They will be the last of the Citizen class waves to start.  No awards and the course is basically half of the Citizen race.
  10. Race Fees Update – here are some updated race fees:
    • Marathon - $29 (online), $39 (race day)
    • Elite - $29 (online), $39 (race day)
  11. Permanent Number Plates Will Now Include Year – this will make a great souvenir of the season.
  12. New Registration/PreRegistration Tent at MNMBS events – look for our new MNMBS Registration Tent at all our races.  
  13. Permanent Number Plates To Be Mailed 4/19/15 – we’ll be mailing out permanent number plates on Monday, April 19th to all those racers who register for the Series or purchase a Superpass by April 17.  If you registered by April 17 and haven’t received your number plate by Monday, April 27th, please email Series Administrator Sam Oftedahl ( If you register after April 17, you can pick up your number plate at the first race.
  14. Race Notification Due to Weather Available via SMS / Text message – go to our web site to sign up.


Registration is Now Open!

2015 Registration is open for the following:

SuperPass - Register for all Sunday Races (10 regular or 7 marathon) and get one race for free and your $15 series registration included.  The SuperPass is a great way to save a few bucks, have the easiest race day sign in and enjoy all of the racing this summer!

For Marathon only - you can use your Superpass from Kids Comp, Citizen, Sport, Comp, or Elite to race in a Marathon class when available. Please go to the registration tent to receive a permanent Marathon plate if you wish to do this.

Series Registration -

Series Registration allows you to be eligible for and receive the following benefits:

  • Points tracked within the Series Standings (Only participants that are Series registrants will have their points tracked)
  • Permanent Number plate - Use the same number at each race
  • Team Competition eligibility
  • End of year series awards  

Individual Races - Register for each race online.  Online registration saves you both time and money!  Register now for the races you will be going to this year. 

Short Track & Time Trial Racing is Coming in 2015!

Short Track Racing is coming to select Saturday events this summer! This very short XC style event takes a course roughly .25 to 1 mile and creates a short, exciting milti-lap event that is designed to be spectator friendly.   Raced mostly on trails wider than the usual single-track mountain bike trails. Short track mountain bike racing combines elements of a road criterium, cyclo-cross (without dismounts), and BMX, with riders returning to the start/finish line in 1- to 3-minute intervals. This not only keeps the pace high during the entire event, but keeps the crowd excited as they see the race unfold before them. The excitement is additionally primed by the understanding that the pack leading the race is truly the front runners, making Short Track easy to understand, simple to follow, and continuously entertaining.  Short track races are fun for new racers due to the open nature of the course.  Kids also have fun on these races where mom & dad can see them ride around most of the course, with cheers and encouragement!

Saturday events will also include an XC Time Trial .  The time trial is an all out against the clock race set on portions of Sunday's XC course.  Generally the Time Trial courses will consist of a modified Sport class loop.  The time trial racers start in intervals so that they can ride alone on the single track and go all out without traffic slowing them down. Truly a test of your skills and fitness the TT has a challenge for all riders from Kids Comp to Expert!  Watch for more information coming soon on these new Saturday events.



2015 Series Schedule

Race 1 - Buck Hill Birch Bump - May 3rd

Buck Hill - Burnsville, MN

Race 2 - St Croix Woolly - May 17th

Woolly Trail Network - St. Croix Falls, WI ---- Includes Marathon

Race 3 - Bluff Riders Charge - May 31st

Mount Kato - Mankato, MN ---- Includes Marathon

Race 4 - DirtWirx Bike Week - June 7th

Hillside Park, Elk River, MN ---- Includes Saturday Time Trial & Short Track

Race 5 - Cuyuna Lakes - June 28th

Cuyuna Lakes, Ironton, MN ---- Includes Marathon, Saturday Time Trial & Short Track

Race 6 - Voyageur's Revenge - July 12th

Mission Creek - Duluth, MN ---- Includes Marathon

Race 7 - Border Crossing - July 26th

White Tail Ridge Corporate Park - River Falls, WI ---- Includes Marathon, Saturday Time Trial & Short Track

Race 8 - Red Wing Classic - August 9th

Memorial Park - Red Wing, MN ---- Includes Saturday Time Trial & Short Track

Race 9 - The Great Hawk Chase - August 16th

Lester River Park - Duluth, MN ---- Includes Marathon

Race 10 - Revolution's Singletrack Escape - SATURDAY September 12th

Jail Trail - St. Cloud, MN ---- Includes Marathon

*note due to the venue - Afton Avalanche will not take place this season.



New to racing?

Tips for Race Day

Mountain bike racing is not just for the highly trained. It is an exhilarating physical activity that can add to your health and quality of life. Racing is as much about fun, shared experiences and making new friends as it is about competition. The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series is open to all and welcomes new female and male participants of all ages and athletic abilities.



The Series has various classes to accommodate racers of all abilities and ages. A beginner may want to participate in the "Citizen Class" or "Kids Comp Class" if they have any questions regarding their fitness or skill levels.

Riding with more experienced cyclists can help develop your technical skills.  Riding a variety of terrain/courses can assist with technical abilities.  Avoid spending all of your time on trails with features that are above your riding abilities.

Be sure to warm up well before your event. A good warm up ride will greatly improve your race and you will feel better and be faster on the trail.

All racers can benefit from pre-riding the race course. Pre-riding the course consists of riding the designated race course prior to the day of the event. if it is not an open trail, pre riding information can be found on the events page. Pre-riding the course gives you the opportunity to learn the terrain and boost your confidence for your first race.



At least a day in advance, check over your bike to make sure everything is in good working order: check your wheels, drive train (chain, crank set, cogs, shifters, derailleurs) and brakes.

Refrain from making any significant changes affecting the fit of the bike within a week of the race, such as changing your seat or handle bar positioning or replacing or upgrading components.

If you have questions about the proper bike for a course we recommend contacting one of the local retailers who support our Series.



Get plenty of rest, nutrition, and hydration the night before your race.

Eat a good breakfast 3-4 hours before your start time 

About an hour before your race, have a light snack (power bar, fig cookies, etc.), to give your body a little energy boost.

Drink plenty of water leading up to your race but you should stop 30 minutes before the race. This will give you time to use the bathroom just prior to the race start.

For a race under 60 minutes, you may not need food. However, some people use GU energy gels to keep up there energy up during a race.

During longer races, it is recommended to ingest the gels every 20 minutes with fluid to maintain hydration and a steady energy flow.

Continue drinking during your race to remain hydrated. 



We recommend registering in advance online whenever possible.  This will save you money and speed up your registration experience at the race.  Arrive at the race an hour or two prior to your start so you can get registered, change clothes, and get in a good warm up ride.

When you register, the race registrar will direct you to fill out forms and pay your entry fee. If you have registered online, you should still visit the registration table to sign a release form and pick up your race number.

After registration, change into your race clothing and prep your bike. Final bike prep includes putting your race number on your handlebar, checking tires and suspension for proper air pressure, checking for clean shifting, and checking your brakes.

If you have any questions please ask for the race official.


The Race:

It may be beneficial to carry a multitool with you during the race.

You should arrive at the starting area 15 minutes prior to the start. Usually there is a scheduled racers meeting just prior to the start, so listen for instructions given at the registrars table.

Mountain bike races start fast, so be ready to work hard after the countdown. Usually the hard initial pace slows a bit and the riders find their comfort zone.

Beginner races are usually short enough that you can maintain hard work for the duration depending on your fitness.

Most importantly, have fun. Mountain bike racing is a great way to spend a day and the people you meet along the way make it even more rewarding.


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