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Series Registration

Series Registration - Opens March 25th

  • Series Registration allows you to be eligible for and receive the following benefits:

 - Points tracked within the Series Standings (Only  participants that are series registrants will have their points tracked)

 - Permanent Number plate - Use the same number and timing chip at each race

 - Team Competition eligibility

 - End of year Series awards

  • On line registration fee will be $15 from March 25th - April 9th - thereafter - $20 to June 9th. “Day of” registration fee at one of the first three races will be $20.
  • Series registration can be completed online between March 25th and May 14  or at one of the first three Series races.
  • No Series registrations will be accepted after the third Series race.
  • A permanent numberplate with timing chip will be provided to each Series racer. This plate will be used for each Series race except for the Border Battle.

  •  If a rider registers for the Series at the third or forth race, only one (their most recent) of their previous races will be counted for the Series standings.
  • Lost permanent numberplates and timing tag will be replaced for $10. A $5 fee will be charged for temporary misplaced numberplates and timing tags.
  • Racers can compete only in the Class of their assigned number, e.g. a racer with a Citizen Class permanent number cannot race in the Sport Class.
  • Racers deciding to change Race Classes during the season can turn in their assigned numberplate and receive a numberplate of the new class. A $10 fee will be charged. Racer’s results will not be transferred to the new class.


  • "High School Race for Free" is not included in any Series points or scoring.It is not conjoined to any Series class one may be participating in.The purpose of this class is to give a High School student an opportunity to experience a race outside that of the High School League.